Elder and Sister Watts

Elder and Sister Watts

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3 Nephi 5:13

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Finally, the last of the FOUR SEASONS IN THE SACRED GROVE blog posts. I started these in November, thinking I would have them posted within four weeks.  However, life has a way of changing our well laid plans.  

I love the fall.  I think it may be my favorite season.  Certainly I looked forward to spending a fall in upstate New York and seeing the leaves change colors. I wasn't dissappointed as those who have followed this blog know from my Fall Leaves in New York blog post.

The Sacred Grove in the fall was also beautiful.  These pictures were take from early September through late October, 2010 and are posted in sequential order.  Early in September only a few leaves were changing, the weather was mild, and walking in the Grove was inviting and peaceful.

As the month progressed, leaves started changing, leaving a golden hue in the Grove.  It is not permissable to take leaves from the Sacred Grove - they are needed for nutrients in the soil.  So, pictures are the way I take leaves home.  Aren't they beautiful?

These two majestic trees with the large stone at their base are some of my favorite in the Grove.

Even though there were amazing leaves changing colors everywhere in New York, I saw some unique leaves in the Sacred Grove. I also loved walking through the abundant leaves and hearing the crunching sound under my feet.

I loved the golden hue of the trees on this afternoon of October 13.
Perhaps this poem from the Friend magazine describes the changes best:

Colorful Season


Ruth Schiefen, "Colorful Season", Friend, Oct. 1983, 13

The autumn woods
Are all aglow
Before the touch
Of winter snow.

Red maple leaves
Are piled high.
They crackle as
Squirrels scamper by.

Glistening oaks,
So big and bold,
Brighten the sky
With leaves of gold.
The swirling wind
Collects her share.
Soon woodland trees
Will all be bare.

You might think with the FOUR SEASONS posts now completed and our mission nearing its end I am finished posting about the Sacred Grove.  However, I was impressed with two other gifts from the Grove.  First, there are beautiful wildflowers throughout in every season but winter.  Second, in August and September a large variety of mushroom abound.  So . . .pehaps more Sacred Grove posts are coming your way!


  1. I will be in up state NY around October 12th and wasn't sure if I should make the 2.5 hour day trip to the Sacred Grove this time of year. After reading this, I am excited to go! Thank you. I can't wait to see the beautiful grove.