Elder and Sister Watts

Elder and Sister Watts

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"Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life."
3 Nephi 5:13

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Boy Scouts Came . . .

This year the Boy Scouts of America celebrated their 100th year here in America at their National Jamboree in Virginia.  Our grandson, Kolby was one of over 43,000 Boy Scouts that attended!
Many of these Boy Scout Councils came to the Hill Cumorah Historic Sites either on their way to or from the Jamboree. 

Below is one group of Scouts that stopped by the Hill Cumorah Visitors' Center during the
pageant.  Another  group attended the last night of pageant and got in a good turn for the day by helping a very grateful pageant cast put up over 6.000 chairs at 10:30 PM!

Today "all hands were on board" to meet and greet and take on tour over 800 Boy Scouts on their way home from Jamboree.  These are a few of the 18 charter buses that visited the sites today.  (This picture was taken on our back patio.)  All of these boys visited all four sites here in New York.


We, Elder and Sister Watts, worked at the Smith Family Farm, greeting Scouts as they entered the Sacred Grove.  It was a choice experience.  They were reverent and respectful of this sacred site.

Usually we have six missionaries assigned to work at the Smith Farm.  Today we had 20 missionaries to handle the large group of Scouts.  Even still, they had to wait their turn for a tour of the farm.  They  waited patiently.

Once it was their turn they went in groups of 30, guided by our wonderful Sister Missionaries.


When they weren't on tour of the Smith Farm they gathered together for instruction from their leaders before entering the Sacred Grove.  Part of that time included passing out letters written by their parents, to be read in the Sacred Grove.  Scouts could be found throughout the Grove quietly reading these special letters.


We handed out maps of the Grove and gave directions all afternoon.


The boys came, with letters in their hands, into the Grove.  Many were touched by the experience: the tour, the Grove and the letters; as we noted when they left the Grove.


And then they departed, in large bunches, just as they came. . .reverent, respectful, and renewed.  One leader told us the parents were so excited about the opportunity their sons would have to tour these Sacred Church Historic Sites.  They go to Niagara Falls and Church Sites in Kirtland, Ohio tomorrow and then fly home from Cleavland on Tuesday.

We were thankful for the chance to meet so many fine young men.  And we were also thankful for their wonderful leaders that sacrificed so much to give these boys such a memorable experience!

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